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About Me

Tamera King fostered her creativity as a young girl growing up on a farm near Birsay, Saskatchewan.  As a young girl, she started to show her creative side by taking an interest in drawing.  She became more passionate and driven, and by the time she was just a young teen she decided to pursue her dreams of being an artist.

     Tamera began to really take flight with her art when she moved to Saskatoon in 1997.  She fine-tuned her artistic skills by taking art classes, taught by Shirley Buday.  Together with her own natural talents and the knowledge gained from one-on-one instruction, Tamera has grown into a remarkable artist.

     Tamera has also earned honour and recognition by entering into the Saskatoon Art Exhibition several times winning 1st and 2nd in her divisions many times.  In 2006 she took the coveted 1st place in the professional division for her “Cello” piece.  She has had several hangings, solo and group showings at a few galleries downtown Saskatoon.


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